LearJet 45

The Avionord Executive Business Jet with large spaces and guaranteed performance

The 2 Learjet 45, each one equipped with 8+1 seats, offer operational autonomy that covers up to 2800 km of action range; able to quickly and efficiently reach the main destinations in Europe, Middle East and North Africa.


Seats 8+1
Cruising speed 534 mph
865 km/h
464 kn
Range 1500 Nm
2800 km
Plus Private Toilette

Internal Configuration

8 + 1 pax + Toilette

Elegance and efficiencyfor the LearJet 45 which fully represents the sophistication of the details of Avionord Executive

A livery with a strong character

The Bombardier LearJet 45 is characterized by a livery with a dynamic and modern design. The colours are blue and white, which are combined through definite and precise lines to create a perfect point of conjunction that recalls continuity, movement, action.

A surprisingly large cabin

The interior of Bombardier Learjet 45 appears to be perfectly equal to the livery that characterizes it.

Here too we find sophistication and uniqueness of materials, colours and furnishings. Light colours, which are a must-have on all Avionord Executive aircraft, cover the seats and recall elegance. A trait that is further enhanced by the warm colours of the wooden details.

Space is the keyword that makes the Bombardier LearJet 45 exclusive, able to accommodate up to 9 passengers, always ensuring maximum comfort.


On request, Avionord Executive offers a catering service with sweet and savoury dishes carefully selected.

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