LearJet 40

The LearJet 40 can get you all over Europe, Middle East and North Africa

The Avionord Executive Business Jet with great operational autonomy and small dimensions

The 3 Learjet 40, each one equipped with 6+1 seats, offer operational autonomy that covers up to 2400 km of action range; which makes them perfectly suitable for reaching the main European destinations, as well as the Middle East and North Africa.


Seats 6+1
Cruising speed 534 mph
865 km/h
464 kn
Range 1300 Nm
2400 km
Plus Private Toilette

Internal Configuration

6 + 1 pax + Toilette

LearJet 40 Configurazione

Elegance and efficiencyfor the LearJet 40 which fully represents the sophistication of the details of Avionord Executive

A livery with a strong character

A unique livery with essential lines. An exclusive Avionord Executive design bearing the signature of Mirco Pecorari of Aircraftstudiodesign: one of the most famous designers in the world of aircraft liveries. A jet that is the result of one of the most excellent creative minds in the industry, for an amazing result of beauty and exclusivity.

Luxurious rooms and functional spaces

The interior spaces of the LaerJet 40 fully reflect the concept of exterior design, characterized by essentiality and refinement at the same time, perfectly adapting to what are the distinctive features of Avionord Executive.

Elegant armchairs covered with skins of soft colours, and a decor that goes to combine in style and colours to the entire aircraft thanks to precious woods that give the whole space character and uniqueness.

The result is an extremely bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Beauty but also comfort aboard the Laerjet 40, which has been studied and designed for pleasant and relaxing flight experiences. All the spaces of the aircraft are large, comfortable and easily accessible.
A Jet able to amaze for its uniqueness and to make every passenger feel at ease.


On request, Avionord Executive offers a catering service with sweet and savoury dishes carefully selected.

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