ELIMONZAAn exclusive partnership with Racetrack of Monza that lasts for years

Elimonza is the exclusive passenger transport service by helicopter dedicated to Italian Grand Prix of Formula-1.

Avionord Executive, thanks to an exclusive agreement with National Racetrack of Monza, on the occasion of Italian Gran Prix of Formula 1, manages the main passenger transport service by helicopter.

An event which takes place during the first weekend of September and that, in three days, sees the use of more than 20 different helicopter according to the passengers’ needs, for a total of about 500 guests transported directly inside the Racetrack.

Certified safety and professionalism

Avionord Executive manages Elimonza, with the support of ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), ENAV (Italian company owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finances and managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, through ENAC) and law enforcement.

Elimonza is a service that includes the entire planning, organization and management of the air and ground moblity of the passengers of each Airline Company who decides to land with its helicopters in the area set up for the event.

Elimonza eliporto

Total management of the Flights from Avionord Executive: a choice that improves the logistics of the entire event

Avionord Executive scrupulously deals with the supervision of all air routes to and from the Monza Racetrack; a control that also includes the helipad for take-offs and landings, to ensure maximum safety even with a high flow of simultaneous movements, thus optimizing the efficiency of the entire event and minimizing waiting times for guests.

Elimonza controllo aereo

Custom-design times and spaces

Avionord Executive’s unique management of landings allows all the guests of the event to enjoy an impeccable ground service.

Thanks to the helipad exclusively arranged inside the Racetrack, whoever arrives at the place by helicopter will be directly inside the area of the event. No entrance queue or long waits to the parking spaces.

All guests will reach the stands and other designated posts to watch the competition quickly and easily.

Elimonza for your GP of Formula OneAvionord Executive organizes your customized flight

Personalized routes

A prestigious context and a parterre of important guests deserve a service that guarantees them maximum comfort and personalization.

Avionord Executive is a master in designing solutions that are studied in detail to make you live a completely customized flight experience.

Whatever your site of departure and your schedules, Avionord Executive organizes the flight plan, building it on your specific needs.

The Plus of the Service that distinguishes Avionord ExecutiveCaring for passengers goes beyond the flight

Off-board hospitality

Avionord Executive provides a dedicated professional staff to support you both during the trip than in subsequent landing phase. A predisposed team that will welcome you at the event, will provide you with technical information on the performance of the activities and will guide you competently in your unique experience.

Relaxation while waiting for the Flight

Maximum comfort in every stage of your flight.

Each Avionord Executive flight, dedicated to Elimonza, offers to passengers a specially designed Relaxation area in the space in front of the Milan Linate Prime VIP Terminal, where you can sit while waiting for your flight.

A corner of peace where you can find refreshment while enjoying a catering service with sweet and savoury dishes always carefully selected or, simply, to spend a few minutes in a relaxing atmosphere.

Access to every Area

All passengers of Avionord Executive, on the occasion of Elimonza, are provided with an Elipass, a key card which allows them to access all airport and non-airport boarding areas, thus reducing the times of wait and simplifying the identification and control phases.

All in full compliance with privacy and aeronautical standards for the transport of people.

Live the passion for motors with Avionord Executive.
An unforgettable experience that will make you travel towards an atmosphere full of adrenaline with the maximum of security and attention for you and your companions.

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