Code of Ethics and Whistleblowing

Code of Ethics

Avionord s.r.l. declares to have adopted the Code of Ethics and the Organization and Management Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and, therefore, requires its suppliers, employees and collaborators to perform the services in favor of Avionord Srl in compliance with the principles of conduct enucleated in the Code of Ethics itself.


Avionord s.r.l. has adopted a platform for reporting violations of the Code of Ethics and Model 231.

This platform makes it possible to guarantee the confidentiality of the informant’s identity.
Avionord invites its employees, suppliers, customers and collaborators to report any illegal or irregularities by accessing:
It is suggested to consult the “Procedure in the matter of whistleblowing” to take all the useful information about the procedures for managing reports and protecting the whistleblower.

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