Business Fights

Business Flights treated in detail.
Avionord optimizes your time by taking care of you and your guests.

I nostri Voli Business

Business Flights

Business Flights treated in detail.
Avionord optimizes the time of its customers by taking care of them and those who accompany them for work.

Attention to detail, experience, maximum comfort, speed and punctuality will guarantee a pleasant and profitable business trip.

The value of TimeThe power of the perfect context

Avionord Executive knows how valuable the time of business travellers is and considers it a priority to ensure maximum efficiency for business trips.

Optimize the time spent on board, dealing with clients and work partners, in a comfortable environment.

The exclusivity of Avionord Executive services allows its passengers to exchange ideas with collaborators or customers in a favourable context; thus contributing to the good development of the business.

Il Valore del Tempo

Customized formulas and Packages of Hours of Business Flights

Avionord Executive offers the possibility to take advantage of the exclusive Packages of Hours of Flight service to its most loyal customers..
A unique solution, created to meet the needs of corporate realities, but accessible to anyone who needs to use the Flight services frequently and continuously. Avionord Executive is an airline company that wants to be a real help and support to the daily life of its passengers. All our Packages of Hours of Flight are custom made so as to guarantee maximum customization, to reconcile the high quality of the service with a concrete economic advantage.

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On request, Avionord Executive offers a catering service with sweet and savoury dishes carefully selected.

Business flights for each Destination

Fly with an Airplane or with an Avionord Executive Helicopter.

Whether you have a long or short trip, the Avionord Executive fleet has a wide choice of solutions.
You can decide to fly with an airplane or a helicopter, choosing the aircraft that best suits your needs and destinations.

With the Avionord Executive Helicopter you can reach all those destinations that would be inaccessible to fixed-wing aircraft.

Off Board Services

Avionord Executive assistance does not end with the Flight.
Avionord Executive guarantees support and constant support at every stage of your business or leisure trip.

Real security and Expert Team

At Milan Linate Airport, Avionord uses a Team of Flight Engineering and Mechanical, operating 24 hours a day, able to intervene immediately for any need.

The entire Avionord Executive fleet offers airplanes and helicopters that are always ready to take off and experienced and trained flight crew ready to accompany you and assist you on your trip

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