Avionord Executive

Avionord Executive is the Airline Company which accompanies you in the most important moments of your professional and private life.

Dott. Cremascoli

Avionord Executive has the sole purpose of satisfying your needs.
Empathy, expertise and professionalism are the characteristics that distinguish the company. Listening, attention and readiness to intervene are the levers that move all its work. Customer always remains the core of every gesture.

Avionord Executive gives value to its passengers, before anything else

Why should you choose

Avionord Executive knows its customers’ needs and this is its strength.

An inseparable empathetic and professional approach, based on a careful listening of the needs, which allows us to offer a service capable of responding impeccably to every customer need.


The experience of Avionord Executive

Years of work at the service of Demanding Customers have allowed Avionord to reach a level of technical competence and guaranteed professionalism, which differentiate the Company at European level.

Professionalism & Safety

Professionalità e Sicurezza

Avionord Executive boasts a unique Organizational, Technical and Flight Operational structure.

The primary objective for the Company is to guarantee maximum safety for passengers.

The Avionord Executive Team of pilots includes only selected flight professionals, not only for technical skills, but also for human qualities and customer approach.

  • 20 Fixed-Wing Pilots (Jet)
  • 4 Pilots exclusively dedicated to Helicopter Flight

The Operation Centre remains open H24 and sees the use of 4 Central Operators Experts, who plan the flights and follow each route, constantly monitoring the weather conditions of the airports and the flight conditions of all the aircrafts involved.

An internal maintenance workshop with 10 technicians specialized in aeronautical mechanics (certified by the manufacturer and by the aeronautical authorities), ensures immediate interventions and a constant and impeccable maintenance of each aircraft.

Our history

The birth of Avionord

Avionord was born in 1998, founded by Lombardy Region, as “Aerial section” of Ferrovie Nord Milano.

Nineties Avionord birth
The new Owners

In 2008 Avionord was taken over by the Cremascoli family. Until then, the company’s only aircraft was an AW 109 helicopter.

The development

In 2012, the complete reorganization put in place by the new owners ends, leading to the division of the company into the Medical Division and the Flight Division.

From 2014, the Medical Division is dedicated to the design, promotion and distribution of medical equipment and devices for the organ transplant sector

The new fleet

The Executive Flight Division gradually enriches the fleet, with the inclusion of Learjet 40 and 45 airplanes, up to the current 6 aircraft.

Let’s get to know each other

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