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Custom-made private and business flights to always guarantee the most accurate personalization.

Avionord Executive

Private and Business flight

Business Flights


Avionord EXECUTIVE knows how valuable your time is and it considers a priority the fact of ensure maximum efficiency for business and leisure trips for each of its passengers.

The comfort that Avionord Executive gives to its passengers allows them to exchange ideas with their employees or customers in a favourable context; thus contributing to the good development of the business.

A complete and excellent on-board and off-board service: professionalism of all staff, maximum comfort and punctuality to guarantee a successful Business Trip

Voli Business
Voli Privati

Private Flights

Avionord offers a Private Flights service that is always exclusive and completely personalized. Attention to details and experience will always guarantee maximum comfort and safety.

Avionord Executive gives value to its passengers, before anything else

Avionord Executive has the sole purpose of satisfying your needs.
Empathy, expertise and professionalism are the characteristics that distinguish the company.
Listening, attention and readiness to intervene are the levers that move all its work.
Customer always remains the core of every gesture.

Luxury & Comfort

With Avionord EXECUTIVE you will always have the assurance of spending your Trip in Total Relaxation.
The on-board Staff will take care of you and all your needs
Avionord Executive organizes every trip in detail, without you having to think about anything.
Refined and exclusive environments and, on request, an accurate Catering Service.
Avionord Executive accompanies and supports you during every phase of your trip, to give you, each time, your unforgettable experience.

Lusso e Comfort
Velocità e Puntualità

Speed & Punctuality

The flight on our Jets or Private Helicopters guarantees the transfer in the shortest time possible. The operators of the operations centre organize and plan the flight, the technical team prepares the aircraft, the pilots take the customers to their destination. No check-in, no check-out on arrival. Everything is designed to make you reach the place of arrival on time and in total relaxation.

You can leave whenever you want

Flying with a Private Jet or an Avionord Executive Helicopter means having the exclusive advantage of being able to schedule the departure based only on your needs. With Avionord Executive you will benefit from the total freedom to decide the take-off time and you will also have the total autonomy of choosing the transfer services to and from the airport.
No restrictions and no limitation to the characteristics of the transfer, as often happens for a scheduled flight.
With Avionord Executive you can enjoy all the advantages that a customized service can offer.

Discrezione e Privacy

Discretion & Privacy

The Avionord Executive staff is well aware of the values of discretion and respect for privacy and is always committed to safeguard them. An accomplished result of professionalism, competence and experience of pilots and all staff, whose priority is the satisfaction of passengers’ needs and safety.

you would like to go

Choose your destination.
Our organization will take care of the rest.
Avionord Executive gives the freedom of a Unique and Exclusive service.


On request, Avionord Executive offers a catering service with sweet and savoury dishes carefully selected.


For each Destination

Fly with an Airplane or with an Avionord Executive Helicopter.

Whether you have a long or short trip, the Avionord Executive fleet has a wide choice of solutions.

You can decide to fly with an airplane or a helicopter, choosing the aircraft that best suits your needs and destinations.

With the Avionord Executive Helicopter you can reach all those destinations that would be inaccessible to fixed-wing aircraft

Your Events to liveWith Avionord Executive you will reach what you love

The advantage of Exclusivity

Take part in a World of Exclusive Events thinking only of the pleasure of the moment.
Unique opportunities designed for you or your Guests.


Off Board Services

Avionord Executive assistance does not end with the Flight.
Avionord Executive guarantees support and constant support at every stage of your business or leisure trip.

Rent an Avionord Executive Private Jet


Choose to live a unique experience by flying with Avionord Executive

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